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Gameplay essentials

There are some resources every player should have had a look at. Those gameplay essentials provide valuable information that will improve your skills and also your experience as a whole.

Additional User-made maps

The UFO2000 wiki

Game server status page

Add-ons and Extensions

The extension directory is the main directory where any add-ons such as maps, weapon sets, and units are user defined through their own respective lua files in order to play them in-game.

Anybody can make their own add-on and place it in the extension, so this is very enjoyable by artists. However, there is some lua coding involved, which all requires a simple text editor like notepad. Lua coding is decently easy for the average non-programmer.

When programming in lua, please note that even the slightest syntax error can make the game not able to load until fixed. Double check your work!

There is a forum for add-ons for whoever wishes to create their own and release it publicly so that the ufo2000 community can see and download.


Maps can be downloaded at The Map Depot.

Weapon sets

Weapon sets have variated sprite images, inventory, map, held, trail, and impact. Custom sound can also be included for firing and impact. Note that explosion and melee sound usage have yet to be implemented.

Want to help with this? Check about programming.


Units are not exactly fully implemented through the sense of add-ons. As of right now, you can add new units through only one unit called 'Chameleon', thus making it have no unique qualities such as defined armor, cost, special capabilities such as flying, etc.. The only customization is art.

Want to help with this? Check about programming.

Getting help

We recommend you start by having a look at the UFO2000 Forums

If you have a problem to report, or would like to get details about what might be causing it, feel free to browse the UFO2000 Bug tracker