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Appears that there exists an ufo2000 group on facebook, and it has been there since 2010. Additionally, now we have a new ufo2000 google+ page to provide complete social networks coverage :)

New beta version : 0.9.1176

Not too many changes overall, but the necessity of rolling out this new release is justified by the default server address update. Also windows binaries are rebuilt with the recent versions of the library dependencies (allegro, zlib, libpng, ...), and some of them contain security bugfixes. Big thanks to all contributors!

Release notes (more details in svn or git changelog):

  • Fixed bug #572 ('Add some feedback for trying to move without energy')
  • Fixed bug #603 ('Messages about TU reservation flood equipment screen')
  • Fixed bug #617 ('English messages need corrections')
  • Minor cleanup and refactoring, the game can be compiled with clang++
  • Compatibility with libpng-1.5
  • Big endian bugfixes
  • Hungarian translation
  • Russian translation update
  • .

New beta version : 0.9.1142

Release notes (more details in svn or git changelog):

  • Minor code cleanups and partial compiler warning fixes
  • A bit less ugly looking notification when trying to start the game between players with incompatible versions
  • Resolved bugs:
    • #595 ('Female unit changing bug ')
    • #582 ('Demolition Pack of UFO2000 Weapon Set has one wrong sprite')
    • #554 ('Assert failed at line 195 of units.cpp')
    • #566 ('Wrong map is loaded when starting the game : Triggers CRC')
  • .

New beta version : 0.9.1129

Change notes :

  • Display enemy's points feature (Fomka)
  • Linux version of ufo2000 game client does not depend on HawkNL library anymore (Siarhei Siamashka)
  • Finnish translation (Tuomas Lähteenmäki)
  • Various bug fixes (Siarhei Siamashka)

New beta version : 0.9.1105

Change notes :

  • Major bug fixes (Nachtwolf)
  • Added notification when opponent leaves the game (Nachtwolf)

New beta version : 0.9.1103

Change notes :

  • Electroflare bug #552 Fix (Cirix)
  • Memory leak fix for Alien Background (zizaniste)
  • Updated Dawn City Beta to 106 (Hobbes)
  • More sanity checks in the statistics generation script (Serge)
  • Fixes for compilation issues with the latest versions of gcc (Serge)
  • Ensure that *.lua files are always loaded in alphabetically sorted in order to prevent problems loading "Dawn City Beta" terrain (Serge)
  • Use "Ufo2k Classic Set" as a default weaponset (Serge)
  • Default game server settings changed to allow more players and longer login names (Serge)
  • Polish translation added, resolves issue #0000562 (Serge,Intri)
  • Tweaked makefile not to use DUMB library dependency by defaut (Serge)
  • Removed remnants of traffic limit checking. (Serge)

Todo for Stable 0.8

We currently want to bring you stable 0.8. Here are our objectives :

  • Documentation refreshment
  • Raising multiplayer stability. We aim for 80%
  • Bug fixes, see above
  • Including as many new interesting features (from the latest betas) as we can, without compromising stability.
  • Giving players a general storyline for UFO2000

If you would like to help with those tasks and take part into the development of UFO2000, please have a look at the UFO2000 Forums and bugtracker. Thank you.

New beta version : 0.7.1086

This is a major release. We told you some features of the april release would make it in. We got Chryssalids, Medikits and electroflares now!

  • Corrected the blind spot in soldier visibility bug. (Nachtwolf)
  • Balanced visibility of flying soldiers VS ground soldiers. Soldiers can now almost see above their head, but only 45 degrees below. (Nachtwolf)
  • Developers guide updated (Serge)
  • Added electroflares. (Cirix)
  • Friendly units now have light around them when walking at night. (Nachtwolf)
  • Chryssalids added. (Patch by Kratos, inventory image by Nachtwolf)
  • Dawn city added to repository (Hobbes)
  • Added Medikit support (Azrael Strife)
  • Commented a lot and cleaned some function definitions. (Cirix)
  • Bug fixes. (Nachtwolf)

UFO2000 gets a new website

This is not a new beta release, but it involved as much work. The whole website has been redesigned, contents have been updated and a game play video was introduced as screenshots really didn't do the game justice.

We took great care to give our users a solid experience when browsing the website, as well as fueling interest in new players.

  • Original design, introductory video and old content integration by Nachtwolf.
  • New content under Resources by Kratos.
  • Introductory video music by Sporb.

New beta version : 0.7.1079

  • Chrysalids implemented (Nachtwolf & Sporb)
  • Added support for new aliens and HWP through LUA (Nachtwolf & Sporb)
  • New weapons : medipac, motion scanner (Nachtwolf & Sporb)
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes (Nachtwolf & Sporb)

Yeah, it was a prank, hope you had fun reading Herringlish and triggering Fishplosions. However, please note that the features listed are planned for implementation, so it's all about waiting a little.

Prank is not compatible with 0.7.1071, use 0.7.1071.

Server is back

We recently have had some problems with the primary game server. Hopefully, the situation has been resolved. The regular server is back in operation at ufo2000.xcomufo.com:2000 (enter this information into the server address editbox in the server connect dialog).

Backup game server

We have some problems with the primary game server currently. Until the problem gets resolved, you can use a backup server started by a community member - Grimshrat - at (enter this information into the server address editbox in the server connect dialog). You can find more information in this forum thread.

Major beta release : 0.7.1071

After a few months of unplanned inactivity, The UFO2000 development team is back with a major Beta release ! We made sure to work on stuff that was either put aside for too long or really wanted by the community. A new Stable release is coming soon, as we started reviewing the documentation.

New beta version: 0.7.1071

  • Battlescape now supports 16 levels - Battlescape resizes depending on the terrain(Nachtwolf)
  • LUA maps are now supported ! - For an example, see the bugtracker (Nachtwolf)
  • Aliens are back with their inventory pictures (Nachtwolf)
  • Improved mainmenu picture and ergonomics. (Nachtwolf)
  • Replays have been fixed and work now. (Nachtwolf)
  • Trajectory of thrown items now shows object obstruction (Judeau)
  • Update to UFO2000 weapons (Sporb)
  • Some minor bug fixes

New beta version : 0.7.1062

New beta version: 0.7.1062

  • Some bugfixes. Actually it is more like a first release candidate for the next version which should be released in about a week.

New beta version : 0.7.1053

New beta version: 0.7.1053

  • Grenade prime/throw time can be defined in weapon sets now, default prime time increased for better balance. (emb)
  • Game startup time improved. (Serge)

New beta version : 0.7.1050

New beta version: 0.7.1050

  • Sound bugfixes.

New beta version : 0.7.1045

New beta version: 0.7.1045

  • Added Estonian translation (Northen Wolf)
  • Added possibility to use custom sound effects from *.wav files for weapon sets (Serge)
  • Added possibility to use custom per-weapon explosion animation (Nachtwolf)
  • New 'Search & Destroy' mission scenario (Nachtwolf)
  • Cost for flying aliens increased to improve balance
  • Some other bugfixes

New beta version : 0.7.1019

New beta version: 0.7.1019

  • Now the game uses ufo2000.xcomufo.com server by default
  • Added a new 'zombie' unit skin into our set of free graphics (Sporb)
  • UFO2000 weapons updated (Sporb)
  • Fixed MacOS compatibility problems (Serge)
  • Fixed some problems with video mode initialization (Serge)
  • Now we only need a single server which can handle both beta and stable versions of the game (Serge)
  • Fixed some potential security problems with the game server (Serge)
  • Some minor performance optimizations and other fixes

New game server

Game server is now running on ufo2000.xcomufo.com. You can change lxnt.info to ufo2000.xcomufo.com in the server connection dialog in the game to start playing network games again. Also project SVN repository is now hosted on sourceforge, which started providing such service not so long ago.

As a nice bonus of having both beta versions downloads and SVN now hosted on sourceforge, our sourceforge rank boosted really a lot and now we got in the top 10 of the turn-based strategy category at sourceforge :)

lxnt.info down for maintenance

Since 9 March lxnt.info which used to host game server, downloads for beta versions, SVN repository and our bugtracker is being down for maintenance. Seems like it takes too long, that's why this announcement is posted. We are sorry for the inconveniences. For getting more information, asking questions related to this issue and using backup server, please use this forum thread.

New beta version: 0.7.1000

New beta version: 0.7.1000

  • Lua tilesets loading bugfix, improvements for 'Moon Base' terrain (nappes).
  • Improvements for bullet hit animation modding capabilities. (Nachtwolf)
  • Balanced prices of etherals/snakemen/floaters. (Kratos)
  • Default squad is now armed with 'UFO2000 weapons', also soldier names are randomly generated on first run. (Kratos, Serge, Hobbes)
  • Video mode initialization workaround for Nokia 770. (Serge)
  • Some performance and memory footprint improvements. (Serge)
  • Some other less important tweaks and bugfixes.

New beta version: 0.7.988

New beta version: 0.7.988

  • More or less finished and playable version of 'Moon Base' terrain. Kudos to nappes who managed to create it even without any proper map making tools!
  • Important bugfix (upgrade is highly recommended)!

New beta version: 0.7.985

New beta version: 0.7.985

  • Projectile hit and trail animation are now moddable. (Nachtwolf)
  • Added a new initial loading screen and end-turn background. (Nachtwolf)
  • Italian translation added. (zaker)

New beta version: 0.7.980

New beta version: 0.7.980

  • Fix for bug #450 - 'Primed grenades loaded into weapon'. (Judeau)
  • Fix for issue #266 - 'Explosions are too powerful'. (Hobbes)
  • Added new UFO2000 weapon set, issue #409. (many authors, credits file included)
  • Russian translation updated. (Nail)

New beta version: 0.7.974

New beta version: 0.7.974

  • Support for additional units from the original x-com: floater , ethereal and snakeman. (Angry Lawyer)
  • Added French translation. (Nachtwolf)
  • New much better looking smoke animation. (Nachtwolf)
  • Added new 'lunarsuit' unit skin. (nappes)

New beta version: 0.7.967

New beta version: 0.7.967

Floating point precision related network synchronization problems hopefully are fixed in revision 967. Now we force 64-bit precision for x87 fpu (80 bits is cool but we get lots of rounding errors when moving values from fpu registers to memory and vice versa). Also we use 'fdlibm' library instead of "math.h" for transcendental functions, it is also used by java to provide identical results on different platform, so it should be a good choice. Before starting the game, some tests involving ordinary arithmetics and trigonometry functions are performed. On getting correct results after these tests, the game is allowed to connect server.

Floating point is a bit fragile though, as adding '-ffast-math' options makes the tests fail for example. Ordinary '-O2' and '-O3' gcc optimizations work just fine. As a side notice, MSVC 7.1 seems to provide correct results only when the test program is compiled without any optimizations at all! Any optimization settings affect floating point precision.

That was a technical explanation of the changes in the new version, if you are not a programmer and don't understand it, that's ok :) For the players it just means that we should get much less 'crc errors' from now on. But extensive testing is required to confirm whether this change is really useful and also in order to find and fix the other remaining bugs.

New beta version: 0.7.966

New beta version: 0.7.966

  • Bugfixes for network synchronization problems.
  • Improved performance in 32-bit color mode.
  • For UFO2000 modding: 'png_image' function from lua api now supports full 8-bit alpha transparency.

New beta version: 0.7.963

New beta version: 0.7.963

  • Fixed crash on stunned soldier recovery. (it was accidently introduced in revision 903)
  • Stunned soldiers can now be killed by explosions.
  • Fixed sync bug because of falling body stopping bullets.
  • Fixed visibility issue of the map cells where your soldiers are standing. (they were not registered as seen)

Note : Previous beta versions release announcements can be found in this forum thread . But to sum up in a few words: now we can run the game without having to rely on data files from x-com (using our own replacements for x-com graphics and some simple terrain demo, thanks to everyone who took part in making new graphics for the game!) and performance improved quite a lot (to be better prepared for making port to Nokia 770 and just to run smoother on older hardware). Also there is a number of other improvements like scale2x filter support for example. So we are working on improving the game for sure, it is just this page not being updated too often :) Better visit our forum from time to time if you want to always be aware of all the latest news.

Status report : 0.7.911

Status report in order to have some news from the year 2005 :) We are very much alive and that's not really a news for those who are using beta versions. Current beta release is 0.7.911 , it implements lots of improvements when compared with current stable 0.6.627 . The list of the most important changes is here :

  • basic support for night missions (Twilight Owl)
  • the game now can continue interrupted game after broken network connection (Mad Rat)
  • ELO rating for server statistics (Mad Rat)
  • saved replays support (Mad Rat)
  • some items and weapons modding ability (Serge, Twilight Owl)
  • some very basic unit skins modding ability (Serge)
  • internationalization support improved, now it is possible to switch languages at runtime using options menu (Twilight Owl)
  • units visibility calculation performance improved (Tursiops)
  • real random damages (Gassa)
  • new explosion animation (Nappes)
  • new control panel image (Nachtwolf)
  • flying armor now can fly (Gassa)
  • weapons balance changes and new weapons (DiversanT, Hobbes)
  • compatibility with Mac OS X and AMD64 (Serge)
  • simple geoscape demo, not yet playable ;) (Serge)
  • JA-style reload: clip inside a weapon and selected clip are swapped after click on the weapon (Twilight Owl)
  • resizeable truetype fonts support for chat console (Serge)
  • some bugfixes
  • some new bugs ;)

Only the most important changes are listed (and I even probably forgot to mention a few of them), the number of actual changes is much bigger, see the ChangeLog .

And we are still working on the game, new beta versions will contain even more improvements for sure, don't forget to visit beta versions download page from time to time.

Stable version released : 0.6.627

The stable version 0.6.627 is finally released. Here is a list with changes :

  • added support for different mission scenarios (Twilight Owl)
  • internationalization support, the game now supports English, German, Spanish, Russian and Belarusian languages (HaJo)
  • many user interface improvements (HaJo, Twilight Owl)
  • lots of help messages, help system (HaJo)
  • map size and type selection, equipment points limit (Twilight Owl)
  • explosive terrain objects (Twilight Owl)
  • automatic bugreporting system (Serge)
  • improved win32-installer (SupSuper)
  • better looking and themable GUI (Serge)
  • different look for soldiers in the battlescape (Nail)
  • correct map generation for 'City' and 'Port' (Twilight Owl)
  • reserve time buttons are now working (HaJo, Twilight Owl, olegmmm)
  • more verbose end of game statistics (HaJo)
  • morale and panic support (Twilight Owl)
  • sound notifications and information messages in the server chat (Serge)
  • support for user contributed maps improved, support for custom map generation rules written in lua language (Serge)
  • cpu usage reduced (Kolotov Alexandr)
  • squad size limit increased from 10 to 15 (Twilight Owl)
  • different types of reaction fire depending on time reserve mode (olegmmm)
  • fixed problems with mouse ranges (Gassa)
  • many other bugfixes and improvements (special thanks to Gassa, olegmmm)