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Getting started

The first thing every potential contributor should read is UFO2000 license, copyright, credits and other stuff thread. Everything written there is to ensure that the game will continue to be developed, every contributer gets credits and new developers can easily join. If you are not sure of anything, don't hesitate to ask questions.

We need help in the following areas:


We are in need of new developers for working on geoscape, the single player mode as well as expanding the current multiplayer mode.

Some useful links are :

Artwork and game extensions

We need new high quality pixel art, various map packs, weapons and units extensions, more options to help in this area will be available as the game engine evolves.

The whole UFO2000 : Maps and add-ons forum section contains enough pinned topics related to different tasks that can be done.


The game supports many languages, you can easily add support for yours.

Have a look at the Internationalization thread on the forums.

Current translation status:

Development tools


Mingw libraries are composed of modules such as Allegro and Lua which are included when compiling the game.

Get mingw-libs

Subversion tools

A SVN tool is needed to download the latest sources of the game. You can get either Tortoise SVN, SVN console client, or both.

Get SVN Console Client (Command line)

Get Tortoise SVN (Graphic interface)

Mingw GCC compiler

The game is compiled using this application.

Get Mingw GCC Compiler


This is a minimal set of unix tools. These are required when compiling the game.


NSIS installer

This tool is optional and is for making installers of the game.

Get NSIS Installer

Syntax highlighting and programming tools

Notepad++ highlights syntax on the source code.

Get Notepad++

EMACS is also broadly used..