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UFO2000 is free and opensource turn based tactical squad simulation multiplayer game, heavily inspired by the famous UFO: Enemy Unknown and providing a very similar reimplementation of its tactical part.

Currently UFO2000 has its own basic set of fan-made graphics which is included in UFO2000 distribution by default (see screenshots). But those who also have a copy of UFO: Enemy Unknown game (there are plenty of places to buy it nowadays), have the possibility to use the original graphics from it for extending UFO2000 with additional maps, weapon sets and units.


UFO2000 is written in C++ language with Lua scripting and is known to compile and run on Linux and Windows systems.

Right now only human vs. human multiplayer is supported. You may find human opponents much more challenging than AI from the original game.


Our forum is the primary source of information for UFO2000 players, here you can ask questions, discuss the game with the other people and find opponents to play.
If you have found a bug in the game, please report it on our bugtracker.
If you have some software development or artwork creation skills and want to contribute to the development of the game, please visit this forum section.
You can also join IRC chat at irc.freenode.net channel #ufo2000 to communicate with ufo2000 developers in realtime.
Mailing list is now also available: http://groups.google.com/group/ufo2000


UFO2000 on the social networks

Appears that there exists an ufo2000 group on facebook, and it has been there since 2010. Additionally, now we have a new ufo2000 google+ page to provide complete social networks coverage :)

New beta version : 0.9.1176

Not too many changes overall, but the necessity of rolling out this new release is justified by the default server address update. Also windows binaries are rebuilt with the recent versions of the library dependencies (allegro, zlib, libpng, ...), and some of them contain security bugfixes. Big thanks to all contributors!

Release notes (more details in svn or git changelog):

  • Fixed bug #572 ('Add some feedback for trying to move without energy')
  • Fixed bug #603 ('Messages about TU reservation flood equipment screen')
  • Fixed bug #617 ('English messages need corrections')
  • Minor cleanup and refactoring, the game can be compiled with clang++
  • Compatibility with libpng-1.5
  • Big endian bugfixes
  • Hungarian translation
  • Russian translation update
  • .

New beta version : 0.9.1142

Release notes (more details in svn or git changelog):

  • Minor code cleanups and partial compiler warning fixes
  • A bit less ugly looking notification when trying to start the game between players with incompatible versions
  • Resolved bugs:
    • #595 ('Female unit changing bug ')
    • #582 ('Demolition Pack of UFO2000 Weapon Set has one wrong sprite')
    • #554 ('Assert failed at line 195 of units.cpp')
    • #566 ('Wrong map is loaded when starting the game : Triggers CRC')
  • .